Getting Uncorked

We have several services available to help you build your brand.

E-mail Marketing

Let people hear your voice! We swear they won’t be hitting the unsubscribe button after we’ve uncorked your business messaging with our e-mail marketing skills. You pick the frequency, and we’ll bring the wordsmith.

Event Planning

Time to party!  We always love celebrating a good thing, and that good thing is you.  Ditch the hassle of event planning, and we’ll have everyone toasting you.

Social Media Marketing

Content in 140 characters or less! We handle all of your social media needs through our social media obsessed Millennials.  Seriously, try to get them off Insta…

Graphic Design

We’ve got to make it look pretty!  Let’s jazz up your content with graphics all of your followers will want to share with their friends.

Website Development

Bye Bye Brick & Mortar!  We’re getting close to an entirely digital world.  We want to help you develop your brand online.

Content Creation

Let us write! As you can probably tell, we LOVE writing.  Communication of all varieties are our bread and butter.

Our process

Q & A Period
Analyzing your needs
We schedule a 30 minute interview with you so we can pick your brain on what you’re wanting to accomplish, your brand standards, and what audience you’re hoping to attract.
Create Action Plan
We’re about results
About 2-3 days after your Q & A, we send you a detailed plan on how we’re going to reach the goals you have set.
Project Delivery
You start seeing results
We are all about communication. We keep you updated on the status of every project. We also let you know any new ideas that we believe would be of interest to you.
We Celebrate You
This process is all about YOU
Every project has your company at the core of it. We love building brands and love celebrating you and the growth you’ll see through our services.

Why Uncorked

There are so many marketing firms out there and never a clear path on which you should pick.  We want to clear it up for you.  We are out of the box thinkers excelling in bringing brands to the next level.  We will help you amaze, create, innovate, impact, and uncork.
Available at your convenience
Creating inspiring content with a positive attitude
Making your reality limitless.